Off-roading w/ Brooks in New Hampshire

I went out with my friend Brooks for some -slightly- more intense off-roading (after finishing our rear bumper install) including a good amount of mud and rock-crawling. It was my first experience with rocks and I couldn’t ask for a better guide.

Utilizing the Motobilt registration plate & camera relocation kit we relocated the registration place and the factory JL camera – the Jeep has eyes again!

An exterior shot of the mount

The Hooke Road rear bumper from Ubox Offroad

My Jl Rubicon climbing the rocks at Devil’s Pass

My JL on the trail with front-deck LEDs powered on

Brooks climbing ahead of me

Brooks climbing ahead of me

Video of our day of fun – credit to Brooks

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Oleg Bondarenko

Your Jeep looks nice but the tires are too small.