Volunteer Proctors & Coordinators

The journey for any student with Lifetime.Education working towards his or her High School Equivalency Diploma, starts with CASAS – which stands for Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System. Using this system, we are able to gauge exactly what a student needs to begin his or her journey.

Yesterday, the Gathering Place Clubhouse hit the ground running! Four of the staff and members at the Gathering Place have gone the distance and completed certification with CASAS to  become Proctors and Coordinators – the highest number of Certified Proctors we have at any one partner location! Along with their enthusiasm for education, these Certified Proctors are going to be instrumental in the journey of students at the Gathering Place.

Certified Proctors are a big part of what we do and we are currently in need of Volunteers to help eager students start their journey with us by giving assessments. Certification is free and scheduling is flexible. If you’re interested or just want to learn more, click here to learn more or call 260-557-1230 x210 in Fort Wayne or 313-789-0100 x210 in Metro-Detroit.

Dmitriy Proctors a student at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission
Dmitriy Proctors a student at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission









GED preparation materials at the Gathering Place Clubhouse

Coffee & Computers at The Carriage House

This past Friday, Janeann, a Lifetime.Education Volunteer, instructed the first of the monthly class series called “Coffee & Computers”.

Coffee & Computers is designed to be a more Question & Answer type discussion. The Q & A sessions are accompanied by on-screen presentations and group conversation and, of course, coffee!

Sign-up sheets for each month can be found throughout The Carriage House. If you’d like more information, feel free to e-mail Janeann at janeann@lifetime.education.


As always, Lifetime.Education is recruiting volunteers! If you’re interested in Volunteering, please give us a call at 260-557-1230 in Fort Wayne or 313-789-0100 in Detroit. If you’ve already read about what we do, and would like to apply, click here to get started!

Janeann, a Digital Skills Tutor, holds her first monthly PC Skills Seminar at The Carriage House, a Clubhouse-style facility in Fort Wayne, IN.
Janeann, a Digital Skills Tutor, holds her first monthly PC Skills Seminar at The Carriage House, a Clubhouse-style facility in Fort Wayne, IN.

We’re two years old!

Happy Birthday Lifetime.Education!
Happy Birthday Lifetime.Education!

Today is our birthday!

Two years ago today, we officially opened for business as the Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc.

In that time, we’ve built partnerships and educational programs with a lot of amazing agencies and groups in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


You can see a few of our partnerships by clicking here.

Today, on our 2nd birthday, our name officially becomes Lifetime.Education. You’ve probably seen the name and logo on our pictures, Facebook posts, and other places already!

Why did we choose Lifetime.Education?

We’ve always been about education. It’s how we’re best able to contribute and make a difference.

Our new name reflects who we are, what we do, and our belief that no matter what ones current circumstances are, education can always improve ones quality of life.

Although we started with the goal of serving those experiencing homelessness, our programs quickly  grew to include all those impacted by homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and substance abuse.

As we go forward:

With our new home city, Detroit, will come new partnerships. While we maintain and support our programs in Fort Wayne, new programs will begin in the Metro-Detroit area.

We will continue to seek out and build partnerships and, as our mission states, “increase and expand access to educational opportunity” in the Metro-Detroit, Michigan and Fort Wayne , Indiana areas.

We’re so thankful for our wonderful volunteers and the generous support of community members, like yourself. We’re looking forward to years of progress to come!

To see how you can contribute, click here.


Lifetime.Education: Education lasts a lifetime!
Lifetime.Education: Education lasts a lifetime!

Count your hours!

Good morning volunteers!

We’d like to remind you that logging your hours is important!

Counting your hours is important and directly impacts our ability to raise funds and keep our programs and community support alive.

If you haven’t logged your hours for this month, or the last, you can always visit http://hours.lifetime.education any time, day or night, to log your hours!

Click the link above or the picture below to open the Volunteer Hour Report page.

Thank you for all that you do!

Education, quite simply, lasts a lifetime!

Lifetime.Education Mobile App Beta Released

We’ve been given the beta version of our mobile application being developed by the Computer Science students at Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW).

The application is a two-semester-long project for the students while our Graphics Design & Social Media Intern (also from IPFW) has supplied the graphic work.

Volunteers will be able to check their e-mail, report volunteer hours, and use their calendars on-the-go, from a single application. How exciting! We can’t wait to see the finished version!

Click the photo of the app homepage below to see the full album.

Lifetime.Education Mobile App Homepage
Lifetime.Education Mobile App Homepage

Carriage House Tour

Today FortWayne.Education Marketing and Design Intern, Melinda, and Computer Skills instructor, Dave, toured The Carriage House.

While on the tour, they ran into Computer Skills tutor, Janeann, and Adult Basic Education tutor, Katie.

We don’t often see our volunteers in the same spot at the same time, so, naturally, we took a group photo!

Lifetime.Education Volunteers
Lifetime.Education Volunteers






Lifetime.Education volunteers tour Carriage House
Lifetime.Education volunteers tour Carriage House

Check your e-mail!

FortWayne.Education volunteers,

This is a friendly reminder to check your e-mail!

Remember that we use e-mail to remind you to log hours, tell you about new opportunities we have, and other important information!

If you haven’t yet, visit the webmail page and bookmark it for later use. If you’re tech-savy, add the e-mail to your phone by picking ‘Exchange’ as a new acount.

Visit http://mail.fortwayne.education to get started!

Fortwayne.Education webmail login page http://mail.fortwayne.education
Fortwayne.Education webmail login page http://mail.fortwayne.education


Mobile (Android) Application Progress

We’re pleased to share with you two screenshots from our mobile application for Android that’s currently in the works.

The project is part of a two-semester long assignment students at theIndiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) Computer Science department are working on.

The IPFW students are handling the programming, while our intern (also from IPFW), Melinda, has supplied the graphic work.

The application will allow volunteer to schedule appointments, check their e-mail, and log hours.

On-line classes!

We love technology.

Starting this month, select FortWayne.Education courses in Health, Nutrition, English language skills, and more will be available on-line.

What started as a program to provide grammar brush-up courses to our tutors and students at the Carriage House has become a platform capable of providing our services to our partners throughout the city.

You can visit our online classroom at http://elearn.fortwayne.education

FortWayne.Education computers
FortWayne.Education computers

Digital Skills

The Homeless Coalition is proud to be launching two new Digital Skills courses this month with partners here in Fort Wayne.

Janeann, who has been with the Homeless Coalition since February of last year, will be training members and staff of the Carriage House to prepare them for teaching Digital Skills to other members. In addition to serving the Homeless Coalition at such facilities as Hope House and Carriage House, Janeann is a professional trainer of digital technologies and operates her own company – KeyPoint Training, in addition to contracting for Microsoft.

Today, the Homeless Coalition has doubled the size of its computer lab at the Carriage House in preparation for what we are sure is going to be a very successful course!

Dave, a computer professional and teacher by trade, has been with the Homeless Coalition since April of last year. Dave has served at Wellspring Interfaith Social Services through the Homeless Coalition as well as helping out with our Community Flu Shot Clinics. Starting this month, Dave will be instructing residents of Hope House in Digital Skills.

HCFTW tutors, Dave and Janeann, with HCFTW founder Dmitriy Usher.
HCFTW tutors, Dave and Janeann, with HCFTW founders Dmitriy Usher and Mariangel Ayala.