Carriage House Tour

Today FortWayne.Education Marketing and Design Intern, Melinda, and Computer Skills instructor, Dave, toured The Carriage House.

While on the tour, they ran into Computer Skills tutor, Janeann, and Adult Basic Education tutor, Katie.

We don’t often see our volunteers in the same spot at the same time, so, naturally, we took a group photo!

Lifetime.Education Volunteers
Lifetime.Education Volunteers






Lifetime.Education volunteers tour Carriage House
Lifetime.Education volunteers tour Carriage House

Our end-of-year report.

Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne is proud to present our end-of-year report we presented to our tutors, volunteers, and students who attended our end-of-year get together.

We’ve blessed with amazing volunteers from all walks of life and are so thankful for the opportunity to live, work, and serve a community as soulful and inclusive as Fort Wayne, Indiana. This city really is a special place.

A PDF version of this report is also available by clicking here.


Featured partner of October 2014 – The Carriage House

We’re pleased to announce our featured partner of October, 2014 is the Carriage House – also known as the Fort Wayne Clubhouse.

The Carriage House is a clubhouse model facility serving individuals with mental illness in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This model is unique in that members and staff typically have equal say and authority in decision making.

Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc. has been offering High School Equivalancy Dipolma (HSED) tutoring, Math Readiness, and Reading Comprehension at the Carriage House for the last year.

Fun fact: The Carriage House has the distinction of being the first and only partner facility where members who receive services have been trained as Volunteer Tutors with the Homeless Coalition and assigned to  help fellow members.

To ensure Homeless Coalition students at the Carriage House have access to technology to help them succeed, the Homeless Coalition installed and maintains a computer lab at the Carriage House with computer access exclusively for educational purposes.

20141015_130151 (2)
Homeless Coalition computers at the Carriage House








If you’re curious about the Clubhouse Model (and we think you

should be) check out the Clubhouse International site by clicking here.

Certified Clubhouse Facilities in the US








Gary, a Carriage House Member and Homeless Coalition tutor, with his student, Mary.

Gary, a HCFTW tutor and Carriage House tutor with his student, Mary.

Education lasts a lifetime.

What impact would like to make?

Nothing in this world outlasts education. A meal is quickly digested and material items wear out.

Education is the ultimate tool to advance a persons life, well-being, and opportunity for a brighter tomorrow.

This is the reason we are passionate about education.

We’re in this for the long haul and a quick fix just won’t do. Join us and help us change the world, one opportunity at a time.

Education lasts forever.
Education lasts forever.