Renewed Partnerships

Lifetime.Education is pleased to announce that we have officially renewed partnerships with two of our closest partner facilities in Fort Wayne – Cedars HOPE – a facility providing long-term supportive care for women living with serious mental illness and Hope House, a division of YWCA of Northeast Indiana -a home for chemically dependent women on their way to recovery.

Lifetime.Education has long offered our services at both partner locations in Fort Wayne.

At Cedars HOPE, we debuted our first Nutrition and Personal Wellness Course in Fort Wayne – a new version of which, with emphasis on hands-on cooking experience, begins next week. Cedars HOPE is also home to a Lifetime.Education full-service computer lab that residents use both during our Digital Skills Course taught each week and also to practice on their own time.

Hope House, a division of YWCA of Northeast Indiana, has been an instrumental partner for Lifetime.Education since our begining. We’ve held many Financial Skills Courses, Adult Basic Education (HSED/GED) Tutoring, and on-going Digital Skills classes that take place each Wednesday.

We believe strongly in the mission of our partner facilities and excited to continue our journey and work together into the next year.

Click the picture below to view the Certificate Ceremony from one of our graduating Financial Skills Classes from Hope House.


Volunteer Proctors & Coordinators

The journey for any student with Lifetime.Education working towards his or her High School Equivalency Diploma, starts with CASAS – which stands for Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System. Using this system, we are able to gauge exactly what a student needs to begin his or her journey.

Yesterday, the Gathering Place Clubhouse hit the ground running! Four of the staff and members at the Gathering Place have gone the distance and completed certification with CASAS to  become Proctors and Coordinators – the highest number of Certified Proctors we have at any one partner location! Along with their enthusiasm for education, these Certified Proctors are going to be instrumental in the journey of students at the Gathering Place.

Certified Proctors are a big part of what we do and we are currently in need of Volunteers to help eager students start their journey with us by giving assessments. Certification is free and scheduling is flexible. If you’re interested or just want to learn more, click here to learn more or call 260-557-1230 x210 in Fort Wayne or 313-789-0100 x210 in Metro-Detroit.

Dmitriy Proctors a student at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission
Dmitriy Proctors a student at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission









GED preparation materials at the Gathering Place Clubhouse

Lifetime.Education tutoring at The Gathering Place

Lifetime.Education volunteers, intern, and staff met today with staff and members from The Gathering Place – a Clubhouse-style facility in Redford, Michigan. Gathering Place members and staff have already completed their training with Lifetime.Education and are ready to get started!

In the next few weeks, students will be assessed, assigned, and begin working with their personal tutors. We’re excited to be a part of another Clubhouse and delighted that The Gathering Place has chosen to participate in our program and welcome us into their program.

We know we’re going to do some incredible work together!

Lifetime.Education at The Gathering Place Clubhouse
Lifetime.Education at The Gathering Place Clubhouse

Lifetime.Education services are now available at The Gathering Place!



We’re excited to begin our partnership with The Gathering Place Clubhouse in Redford, Michigan.

Following  in the footsteps of our program with The Carriage House in Fort Wayne, members and staff from The Gathering Place will be trained as Volunteers with Lifetime.Education? while our staff and volunteers provide support in the form of tutor training, curriculum, material, and digital support.

This partnership will mark the second Clubhouse facility where our programs and services are offered. Click here to learn what makes the Clubhouse model so unique.

Lifetime.Education services are now available at The Gathering Place!
Lifetime.Education services are now available at The Gathering Place!