Volunteer Proctors & Coordinators

The journey for any student with Lifetime.Education working towards his or her High School Equivalency Diploma, starts with CASAS – which stands for Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System. Using this system, we are able to gauge exactly what a student needs to begin his or her journey.

Yesterday, the Gathering Place Clubhouse hit the ground running! Four of the staff and members at the Gathering Place have gone the distance and completed certification with CASAS to  become Proctors and Coordinators – the highest number of Certified Proctors we have at any one partner location! Along with their enthusiasm for education, these Certified Proctors are going to be instrumental in the journey of students at the Gathering Place.

Certified Proctors are a big part of what we do and we are currently in need of Volunteers to help eager students start their journey with us by giving assessments. Certification is free and scheduling is flexible. If you’re interested or just want to learn more, click here to learn more or call 260-557-1230 x210 in Fort Wayne or 313-789-0100 x210 in Metro-Detroit.

Dmitriy Proctors a student at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission
Dmitriy Proctors a student at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission









GED preparation materials at the Gathering Place Clubhouse

Our end-of-year report.

Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne is proud to present our end-of-year report we presented to our tutors, volunteers, and students who attended our end-of-year get together.

We’ve blessed with amazing volunteers from all walks of life and are so thankful for the opportunity to live, work, and serve a community as soulful and inclusive as Fort Wayne, Indiana. This city really is a special place.

A PDF version of this report is also available by clicking here.


Education lasts a lifetime.

What impact would like to make?

Nothing in this world outlasts education. A meal is quickly digested and material items wear out.

Education is the ultimate tool to advance a persons life, well-being, and opportunity for a brighter tomorrow.

This is the reason we are passionate about education.

We’re in this for the long haul and a quick fix just won’t do. Join us and help us change the world, one opportunity at a time.

Education lasts forever.
Education lasts forever.

Homelessness & Fort Wayne – 1st episode of television round-table

Yesterday,  Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne was with Redemption House Ministries for the first monthly television  round-table discussion show at Access Fort Wayne for the Fort Wayne Area Planning Council on Homelessness Outreach and Advocacy Committee.

The Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne will be hosting a monthly round-table on Access Fort Wayne and discussing different issues determined by the Fort Wayne Area Planning Council on Homelessness Outreach and Advocacy Committee

You can check out the rest of the photos here or watch the full video below:

On the set of HCFTW's "Homelessness & Fort Wayne"
On the set of HCFTW’s “Homelessness & Fort Wayne”

A milestone – 100 students!

Toe takes the CASAS assessment at the Allen County Public Library.

Including Toe, the Homeless Coalition has over 90 students in partner agencies across Fort Wayne.


Toe, an ESL student with HCFTW, completes her CASAS assessment
Toe, an ESL student with HCFTW, completes her CASAS assessmentstu


From our FAQ: How are students assessed?

Q: How are students who particpate in programs based on language arts and math assessed?

A: When a student begins his or her educational journey, it’s important for the instructor to understand exactly where he or she stands in terms of math and language skills. The Homeless Coalition uses a computer-based system provided by CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems). Being computer-based, CASAS is mobile and allows us to assess students at any location.