Renewed Partnerships

Lifetime.Education is pleased to announce that we have officially renewed partnerships with two of our closest partner facilities in Fort Wayne – Cedars HOPE – a facility providing long-term supportive care for women living with serious mental illness and Hope House, a division of YWCA of Northeast Indiana -a home for chemically dependent women on their way to recovery.

Lifetime.Education has long offered our services at both partner locations in Fort Wayne.

At Cedars HOPE, we debuted our first Nutrition and Personal Wellness Course in Fort Wayne – a new version of which, with emphasis on hands-on cooking experience, begins next week. Cedars HOPE is also home to a Lifetime.Education full-service computer lab that residents use both during our Digital Skills Course taught each week and also to practice on their own time.

Hope House, a division of YWCA of Northeast Indiana, has been an instrumental partner for Lifetime.Education since our begining. We’ve held many Financial Skills Courses, Adult Basic Education (HSED/GED) Tutoring, and on-going Digital Skills classes that take place each Wednesday.

We believe strongly in the mission of our partner facilities and excited to continue our journey and work together into the next year.

Click the picture below to view the Certificate Ceremony from one of our graduating Financial Skills Classes from Hope House.


A big thank you to start the week!

We’d like to give a Monday morning shout out to a volunteer of ours who recently completed a Financial Skills course at Hope House, Inc. and is currently still serving as an ESL tutor with another great partner of ours, Crime Victim Care of Allen County.

Thank you for all that you have done and still do, Erika!

Volunteers, like Erika, through Lifetime.Education, give just 1 hour of each week, but make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Visit our web page by clicking this line, to see how YOU could change someone’s life, with one hour from your week!

Erika, a Lifetime.Education Volunteer does a ton for her community. Thank you!
Erika, a Lifetime.Education Volunteer does a ton for her community. Thank you!

Digital Skills

The Homeless Coalition is proud to be launching two new Digital Skills courses this month with partners here in Fort Wayne.

Janeann, who has been with the Homeless Coalition since February of last year, will be training members and staff of the Carriage House to prepare them for teaching Digital Skills to other members. In addition to serving the Homeless Coalition at such facilities as Hope House and Carriage House, Janeann is a professional trainer of digital technologies and operates her own company – KeyPoint Training, in addition to contracting for Microsoft.

Today, the Homeless Coalition has doubled the size of its computer lab at the Carriage House in preparation for what we are sure is going to be a very successful course!

Dave, a computer professional and teacher by trade, has been with the Homeless Coalition since April of last year. Dave has served at Wellspring Interfaith Social Services through the Homeless Coalition as well as helping out with our Community Flu Shot Clinics. Starting this month, Dave will be instructing residents of Hope House in Digital Skills.

HCFTW tutors, Dave and Janeann, with HCFTW founder Dmitriy Usher.
HCFTW tutors, Dave and Janeann, with HCFTW founders Dmitriy Usher and Mariangel Ayala.


Our end-of-year report.

Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne is proud to present our end-of-year report we presented to our tutors, volunteers, and students who attended our end-of-year get together.

We’ve blessed with amazing volunteers from all walks of life and are so thankful for the opportunity to live, work, and serve a community as soulful and inclusive as Fort Wayne, Indiana. This city really is a special place.

A PDF version of this report is also available by clicking here.


Fort Wayne Area Planning Council on Homelessness; December 2014 Meeting

The Fort Wayne Area Planning Council on Homelessness held a meeting today at Citizen’s Square in the Omni Room. Individuals from organizations throughout Fort Wayne serving individuals experiencing homelessness came together to be part of a dialogue on how we, as a city, can move forward. This particular FWAPCH meeting had record attendance – everyone from agency leaders, to city department heads, the Deputy Mayor, and even a representative from Senator Donnelly’s Office attended to listen, offer suggestions, and learn. In addition to record attendance, this FWAPCH meeting was also featured on and Channel 15.  You can check out the video by clicking here, or look at the pictures by clicking the photograph below.

Agency Heads from across Fort Wayne participated in today's meeting.

Hope House, Inc. Flu Shot Clinic

The Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc. hosted community flu shot clinic at Hope House, Inc. a transitional facility for chemically dependent women. It was our 2nd annual flu shot clinic at Hope House and we had the pleasure of seeing some familiar faces as well as making new friends.

Click the picture below to check out the album.

Homeless Coalition staff with Walgreens staff
Homeless Coalition staff with Walgreens staff

No-Cost Flu Shot Clinics

It’s that time of year again!
The Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne is organizing community flu shot clinics throughout Fort Wayne.

As part of our Healthy Living Program, HCFTW locates partners throughout the community and holds no-cost clinics where community members receive their flu shots from a registered Pharmacist.

There is no cost involved with our community flu shot clinics and vouchers are provided for any person unable to pay for his or her flu shot, so nobody is turned away.

If you’d like us to bring a community flu shot clinic to your location, give us a call at 260-557-1230 or

No-Cost Flu Shot Clinics


Sign-up for a flu shot here! 

Upcoming Community Flu-Shot Clinics:


Would you like to have a flu shot clinic at your location?

Click here to sign-up.


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A generous donation

We’ve received the first part of a very generous donation from Parkview Health.

This generous donation from Parkview Health will help us towards our ambitious goal of equipping every partner site we tutor at with a full-service lab for classes and for the residents to use for everyday tasks as well.

The latest facility to receive a computer lab is Cedars Hope, a home for women living with serious mental illness – where instruction will begin the first week of September.

The Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc. formally thanks you for your generous support of our community initiatives.

Donated equipment
Donated equipment


Homelessness and Fort Wayne; Episode 4; Unemployment & Substance Abuse

Yesterday, Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc. was at Access Fort Wayne, filming the fourth installment of Homelessness and Fort Wayne.

This month, the panel discussed the sobering topic of unemployment and substance abuse and what it means to have a quarter of our fellow citizens living below the poverty line.

Click the picture below to view the album on Flikr. In case you missed the episode on Access Fort Wayne channels 1 and 2, stay tuned to or our FaceBook page to catch the full episodes available on-line.