Featured partner of October 2014 – The Carriage House

We’re pleased to announce our featured partner of October, 2014 is the Carriage House – also known as the Fort Wayne Clubhouse.

The Carriage House is a clubhouse model facility serving individuals with mental illness in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This model is unique in that members and staff typically have equal say and authority in decision making.

Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc. has been offering High School Equivalancy Dipolma (HSED) tutoring, Math Readiness, and Reading Comprehension at the Carriage House for the last year.

Fun fact: The Carriage House has the distinction of being the first and only partner facility where members who receive services have been trained as Volunteer Tutors with the Homeless Coalition and assigned to  help fellow members.

To ensure Homeless Coalition students at the Carriage House have access to technology to help them succeed, the Homeless Coalition installed and maintains a computer lab at the Carriage House with computer access exclusively for educational purposes.

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Homeless Coalition computers at the Carriage House








If you’re curious about the Clubhouse Model (and we think you

should be) check out the Clubhouse International site by clicking here.

Certified Clubhouse Facilities in the US








Gary, a Carriage House Member and Homeless Coalition tutor, with his student, Mary.

Gary, a HCFTW tutor and Carriage House tutor with his student, Mary.

Flu Shot Clinic with Volunteers of America – Indiana

Yesterday, the Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc. hosted a Community Flu Shot Clinic at Volunteers of America – Indiana‘s facility, Liberty Landing – a shelter for homeless veterans at 4:00 pm.

Shortly thereafter, at 6:00 pm, the Homeless Coalition moved over to the VOAI facility on fairfield – The Richard Lugar Safe Haven for Veterans – the only wet shelter in Indiana, to host another Community Flu Shot Clinic.

We’re thankful to everyone who participated, our gracious hosts – VOAI – and, of course, our community pharmacy partners for providing the manpower and vaccines.

Check out our clinics page for our upcoming schedule.

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HCFTW Flu Shot Clinic at Just Neighbors

The Homeless Coalition is pleased to have been able to offer a no-cost Community Flu Shot Clinic to Just Neighbors and Hope Alive – two exceptional facilities providing great services to the residents of Fort Wayne.

HCFTW held a Community Flu Shot Clinic at Hope Alive last year, but this was our first time at Just Neighbors.

We look forward to an enduring partnership in the future.

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Cedars HOPE Digital Skills Course

Yesterday, our first Digital Skills class at Cedars HOPE, permanent supportive housing for women living with mental illness, concluded.

It was a pleasure meeting with the ladies and we look forward to having more Healthy Living and Digital Skills courses there as our partnership grows.

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My Money graduates at Redemption House Ministries

Last night, October 1st, the Homeless Coalition joined our tutor Katie, at her My Money class graduation at Redemption House Ministries.

It was a wonderful dinner and certificate ceremony with the ladies and out tutor, Katie.

We’re thankful for our special tutors, like Katie, who go above and beyond and make a world of difference in the lives of the students they tutor.

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HCFTW Tutor, Katie, with her My Money students
HCFTW Tutor, Katie, with her My Money students