We’re two years old!

Happy Birthday Lifetime.Education!
Happy Birthday Lifetime.Education!

Today is our birthday!

Two years ago today, we officially opened for business as the Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc.

In that time, we’ve built partnerships and educational programs with a lot of amazing agencies and groups in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


You can see a few of our partnerships by clicking here.

Today, on our 2nd birthday, our name officially becomes Lifetime.Education. You’ve probably seen the name and logo on our pictures, Facebook posts, and other places already!

Why did we choose Lifetime.Education?

We’ve always been about education. It’s how we’re best able to contribute and make a difference.

Our new name reflects who we are, what we do, and our belief that no matter what ones current circumstances are, education can always improve ones quality of life.

Although we started with the goal of serving those experiencing homelessness, our programs quickly  grew to include all those impacted by homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and substance abuse.

As we go forward:

With our new home city, Detroit, will come new partnerships. While we maintain and support our programs in Fort Wayne, new programs will begin in the Metro-Detroit area.

We will continue to seek out and build partnerships and, as our mission states, “increase and expand access to educational opportunity” in the Metro-Detroit, Michigan and Fort Wayne , Indiana areas.

We’re so thankful for our wonderful volunteers and the generous support of community members, like yourself. We’re looking forward to years of progress to come!

To see how you can contribute, click here.


Lifetime.Education: Education lasts a lifetime!
Lifetime.Education: Education lasts a lifetime!