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Goodbye 2018 JLUR and hello 2023 4xe JLUR

We said goodbye to my dream vehicle – the 2018 Wrangler JLUR – back in August after a devastating mid-trip fire. The first fire truck to respond wasn’t officially in service and didn’t have enough water to engage their pumps, hence the drizzle and the truck eventually backing up to my JL to attempt to ‘spill’ the water they had on to the fire.

After the dust settled, we ordered a 2023 Wrangler 4xe JLUR, which just arrived. It reminds me very much of my previous JL but with a lot more neat tech =0)

The JL on fire

Fire truck backing up to ‘spill’ water on the JL.

Fire finally extinguished

At the graveyard

The 4xe parked in an EV spot, awaiting pickup!

The 2023 Wrangler JLUR 4xe

Sitting in the driver seat, I feel like my old Jeep is back, but with more toys!

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Angie Bennett 1 mo

Oh my!!!!

I’m so sorry about your very impressive Jeep JL! I hope you like the 4xe though. Please share more about how your liking it after you’ve had it a time.