Holly Oaks ORV Park with Project Alice and NoHo Hank

OffRoadBeastMode’s Project Alice and NoHoHank made it out to the Holly Oaks ORV Park in Michigan.

Topping the 4xe off via the Jeep level-2 solar-powered charging station.

Project Alice being an absolute beast and crushing the obstacles.

Following Project Alice in Hank

Stopping on the cement steps for a photo-op with the 4xe billboard.

NoHo Hank climbing.

Offroad Pages let us know how steep it actually was.

Noho Hank on the flex ramp.

Noho Hank on the flex ramp with 4xe billboard.

Project Alice on the flex ramp.

Drive side shot of NoHo Hank on the flex ramp.

Brooks, Shelly, and Alex with Project Alice on the flex ramp.

Group photo with NoHoHank and OffRoadBeastMode’s Project Alice

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