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Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia, Pennsylvania is an (almost entirely) abandoned former mining town in Pennsylvania and, most famously, the inspiration for the Silent Hill franchise

Formerly Route 61 – this location is now known as Graffiti Highway

The underground coal mine fires burning since the late 60s made the highway unusable

Odd Fellows Cemetery is believed to be close to the starting point of the fires, steam vents can be seen in and around the area

The Ukrainian Catholic church is the only church still open in Centralia

Service was being held during our visit

Family from Wyoming and Missouri

Family from #Wyoming and #Missouri came by #Massachusetts it was great seeing my mother, sister, and Danny again :) @ Marlborough, Massachusetts

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Off Roading w/ Brooks!

A couple of days ago, I went on a 2-state off-roading trip with my good friend Brooks.

We started in New Hampshire and worked our way through Mount Ephraim and then Bellows Falls culminating in an awesome overlook of the state borders.

Video of our trip:

A few still shots:

Brooks w/ the Jeep & the most capable Subaru in New England!

My Jeep JLU at the overlook

Brooks’ Subaru and my Jeep at the start of our journey

On the trail:

Off-Road Mode Pitch & Roll Gauges

Sway Bar: Disconnected Axles/Transfer Case: Locked

We even met a friend (with a bullhorn!) up near the overlook (video below)

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The JK is sold!

After nearly a decade of fun, the Jeep JK is sold. It’s headed to a new life in Wyoming. I hope the new owners have as many wonderful adventures as we’ve had with it.

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