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Coach Greg’s Anabolic Meat Lasagna

Yesterday, I made my first ever attempt at a lasagna

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Anabolic Mega Peach French Toast Bake

We’ve been enjoying the  Greg Doucette’s Anabolic Apple Pie Bake for quite some time with reliably yummy results

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(Red) Belizean Peppermint Powder Bun

#Peppermint Belizean #PowderBun with #raisins and #cranberries and they’re #red just bc I can ❤️

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Garlic roasted potatoes

#GarlicRoastedPotatoes were the star of tonight’s meal and they did not disappoint ❤️❤️

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Bday weekend pics

Weekend pics batch 1 #doubleChocolateChipFudgy #GlutenFree #cookies #garnachas and outdoor time with some worn out #puppies

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Baked salmon w/ mango yoghurt salad

Baked #salmon in special #spicerub w/ #MangoYoghurt #salad @ Lake Villa, Illinois

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Ribs in spicy arrabiata sauce w/ mango yoghurt salad

I wanted to try something a bit different with my 2nd time making ribs so, instead of the custom apricot bbq sauce I’ve made before, I followed a suggestion in Snoop Dogg’s cookbook and used a spicy arrabiata

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Sautéed clams in curry sauce

I decided to try something new (to me) for our special night and I made #SauteedClams in #CurrySauce from the #FourKitchens cookbook

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Gluten-free pasta night

Tonight was my first exploration into #GlutenFree foods with #BlackBean and #RedLentil #pasta with #potatognocchi and #homemade #PumpkinPastaSauce all gluten free and all quite tasty @ Lindenhurst

Salmon w/ white wine & tarragon sauce and mushrooms/scallops in white wine sauce

Tonight was our first #French meal from Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Belize Black Fruit Cake w/ Rum

The Belize Black Fruit Cake was my first experience with any type of fruit cake and turned out exceedingly well