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Usher Family E-Mail

I came up with usheremail.com in 2016, when I wanted to learn about setting up and hosting my own exchange servers.

Now usheremail.com is now open to anyone wanting an usheremail.com address. It is aimed, of course, at family and those sharing the surname Usher, but the service is open to all who are interested.

These days, I no longer host the server myself, rather usheremail.com is hosted by GMail. You login and check your e-mail at gmail.com and it’s really just a branded gmail account.

If privacy is paramount, I also have pm.usheremail.com accounts hosted through ProtonMail a service that prides itself on privacy and encryption tech.

If you’d like a usheremail.com account, send me an e-mail with your desired username. I’ll create your account and send you a temporary password.


Hell, Michigan

Elected & Impeached

On 16 November 2018, I was elected as Mayor of Hell, Michigan. Later that same day, I was impeached. During my time in Hell, I met with the locals (my constituents), enjoyed some food and toured the town.

Video of my appointment as Mayor of Hell, Michigan.

My time as Mayor begins


My tour of Hell begins at the Gates of Hell


My tour continues beyond the chapel and weather station near the Lovers Bridge and river.


During lunch the founder of the town, John Colone, presented me with my Deed for 1 square inch of waterfront property in Hell, Michigan – complete with soil analysis indicating high concentrations of sulfur, brimstone, and human bone.


After hearing rumours of my impending impeachment, I snapped a shot near the Hell, Michigan sign at Screams Ice Cream.


Video of my subsequent impeachment and removal from office.