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Working on the Jeep JLRU and off-roading w/ Brooks in MA

Yesterday my friend Brooks and I spent the morning finishing the bumper and winch install on my 2018 Jeep JL Unlimited Rubicon. After everything was installed, we headed out to explore some trails in Massachusetts and even came across a monument to the mother of Andrew Garfield.

Working on the JL in Keene, NH

Bumper containing 5 LED light units and winch ready to be installed

Brooks next to my JL

Everything except the license plate on the JL

Standing between my Jeep and Brooks’ Xenomorph

Brooks between his Xenomorph and my yet unnamed JLU Rubicon

Brooks leads the way in his Xenomorph

Xenomorph on the trails

My JLU Rubicon

A nifty water shot taken by Brooks

Another water shot with my JLU

A video put together by Brooks from his recordings of our ride.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend & guide to spend it with. Bonus – the weather was spectacular as well!

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Hell, Michigan

Elected & Impeached

On 16 November 2018, I was elected as Mayor of Hell, Michigan. Later that same day, I was impeached. During my time in Hell, I met with the locals (my constituents), enjoyed some food and toured the town.

Video of my appointment as Mayor of Hell, Michigan.

My time as Mayor begins

My tour of Hell begins at the Gates of Hell

My tour continues beyond the chapel and weather station near the Lovers Bridge and river.

During lunch the founder of the town, John Colone, presented me with my Deed for 1 square inch of waterfront property in Hell, Michigan – complete with soil analysis indicating high concentrations of sulfur, brimstone, and human bone.


After hearing rumours of my impending impeachment, I snapped a shot near the Hell, Michigan sign at Screams Ice Cream.


Video of my subsequent impeachment and removal from office.

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